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Signature Cocktails by Bartenders4You

Some of Bartenders4you’s signature cocktails have even won some awards! We have won the 2016 and 2017 Tasty Bites competition for “Tastiest Cocktail”. Let the award winning Bartenders4you help make your wedding or special event one to remember.


If you are on a budget but still want to provide a fun and entertaining bar experience for your guests than a signature cocktail is the perfect way to do this. Bartenders 4 You can provide signature cocktails that stand out to guests. Our San Antonio bartending service includes a list of signature cocktails that you can choose from to fit your personality and wedding theme.

What is a signature cocktail?

Your signature cocktail represents you and your partner to be along with your wedding style. You can base your signature cocktail off of your wedding colors, your favorite sports team or an inside joke. The customization options are endless, and when you hire us to be your wedding bartenders you can guarantee that your signature cocktail will be delicious.

Why choose a signature cocktail?

In the traditional sense, wedding bartenders are there to provide your guests with a host of different alcoholic beverages to choose from. However, if you are on a tight budget but still want to provide an entertaining experience for your guests then consider a signature cocktail. We will provide you with a professional San Antonio bartender to craft and mix the perfect cocktail for your wedding. Our goal is to make your guests forget that they do not have an open bar to choose from.

What are some of Bartenders 4 You signature cocktails?

Some of our most popular signature cocktails include:

  • Love is in the air.
  • Wedding Belle cocktail.
  • Sealed with a kiss.

Don’t let these fanciful names fool you, our tasty signature cocktails pack a punch that your wedding guests are sure to love. Our portable cocktail bars also enable you to provide your guests with everything that they have come to expect from weddings without breaking the budget.


Our San Antonio bartending service will not only meet your expectations but exceed it when you choose our signature cocktails. We don’t limit you to just one cocktail either. In fact, we encourage you to offer one for you and one for your bride or groom to be. Guests can choose the cocktail based on the name or the person that it was named for, adding a bit of fun to your wedding. Make your wedding a hit by choosing a signature cocktail crafted by Bartenders 4 You.